Vegetable Mixed Soup with Maultaschen

My two favorite products combined in one delicious meal. 🌱💙 Vegetable stew with vegan Maultaschen and Frosta vegetable mix Italian kitchen (unseasoned). Sometimes when your time schedule leaves you speechless and you have no any idea how to cook a delicious fast meal, then I often choose frozen vegetables – which saves time. The products from Frosta are 100 % bio and some of them unseasoned, so you can spice up your meal by yourself. I personally made this vegetable soup with a vegetable bouillon.

Ingredients 2 – 3 Persons | Duration: 15 Minutes

300 ml Water

1 Pack vegan Maultaschen

1 tsp. salt

1,5 tsp. vegetable bouillon

300 g frozen vegetables

Just boil water, put in the vegetable bouillon and the frozen vegetables for approx. 8 minutes then add the Maultaschen and stir occasionally.